Digital Art..... The creative process

Digital Art..... The creative process

Author: Darin Selby Jr.

Art has been a part of my life as far as I can remember. It has been my source of mental and emotional escape from boredom as a child and student. For the most part the beginning of this process has to do with how I feel at the moment. When I am feeling low I usually draw a picture of someone or something that lifts the mood and can inspire a high emotion. Art is a way of adjusting the emotions and giving an opposite reaction than the current emotion.

I agree with the idea that there are neither good or bad emotions, just experiences. How we choose to express them is art. 

I enjoy  creating art that all people of any age can appreciate and enjoy. 

Before I begin I search random pictures for inspiration. It usually is a fast process. With art, there is no right or wrong. What helps me in this decision making process is choosing from the heart, not spending a lot of time thinking and analyzing. 

After an inspiring photo or environment is chosen I replicate it by either exaggerating or removing parts of the image. Combining non existing with existing while combining colors that makes the art pop. Once I have completed this process, it's only creatively left.

I begin to customize and make the art piece my own. I enjoy having a source of inspiration. Art is not a monopoly, we all have areas of inspiration, but making an image your own by your own individuality is priceless.

We are all artists in our own way. The process for me begins with an image and it ends with an image, an image of my feelings.