Must Try Coffee Shops! Florida Edition


Author: Marci-Ann Selby

Now I must admit I am from Florida, BUT, I have not been to every city in the state. However, my husband and I are huge fans of coffee shops and enjoy trying out a new coffee shops in each place that we visit. 

I love the idea of being able to get a really great latte while also finding a spot to get some work done! I explored different coffee shop options in a few of the major cities which I have highlighted below. So grab a latte and enjoy my top 3 picks!


Bold Bean Coffee Roaster- Jacksonville, FL    (San Marco)

*Update: The San Marco Location recently closed. They have two other locations. Riverside and Jacksonville Beach

So we are starting off in Jacksonville, FL because this is where I currently live. I can comfortably say I have made an effort to visit many of the coffee shops in the city but I continue to go back to just one! This coffee shop checks just about everything on my list. The coffee is bomb! The atmosphere is so laid back, the staff is friendly and in terms of workability, I think they have plenty of space and a good amount of outlets to work with.  


Coffee with Avocado toast

Bold Bean Coffee

For me a good coffee always starts with the coffee beans. Sourcing them from the right place is a MUST. It really brings the coffee to life. Often times coffee shops get too caught up with adding all of the sweeteners that they don't put a lot of thought into that major step in the process. 

Aside from the coffee, they do have a bakery that delivers them various sweet and savory items to choose from and they do tend to change quite often which could be one con( If I needed to give one), because I find myself getting really excited about a bakery item that they just may not have anymore. But if your focus is the coffee, then I definitely recommend your try them out! My go to is a Honey Vanilla latte with Oat milk. 


Craft and Common- Orlando, FL

Craft & Common

Next up on the list is Craft and Common located in Downtown Orlando. I must admit this was a little bit of a hard one because I also liked another coffee shop in Orlando called Lineage, so I am going to give them an honorable mention. They don't have many food options but the latte I had was awesome.

Now back to Craft and Common. This is also another coffee shop that checked off the main things on my list. They have really good coffee and food options. It is vegan and vegetarian friendly, which is really important to me because I do not eat meat, (If you had to label me I would be considered pescatarian). So, the options provided are just perfect for me.   

       Craft and common coffee cups


They also have plenty of room with a shared high-top table as you walk in and smaller seating areas scattered around. They also have a few tables right outside of their shop. I will say that I have been twice and each time it is pretty busy. However, the staff is super friendly and the vibrant atmosphere is very exciting. We thoroughly enjoyed are coffee and food each time we went . The next time I am in Orlando I would definitely go go back! 

The Alchemist- Fort Lauderdale, FL

(Wilton Manor)

Our last stop on this coffee shop journey is: The Alchemist Cafe. Let's set the scene. It sits among various other little restaurants and is tucked away from a main road. Parking is limited and the roads are not perfectly paved. But, I think its well worth the visit. In terms of indoor/outdoor seating I would say its about 50/50 with plenty of nature around.

 Photos by: The Alchemist Café

 They serve various types of specialty coffees and teas and have a pretty extensive and eclectic menu, which includes brunch and lunch items. When I went, I got a drink called the Golden Milk (hot) which consisted of Turmeric, an almond milk and coconut blend, condensed milk, cinnamon and brown sugar. Served in a mason jar. Now this was not a drink with espresso but I am sure you could add some to it. Guys, it was so delicious. I definitely recommend it.

The thing I like about this spot is that it is very laid back. Now having said that, this would mean that the workability would not be the thing you come here for. It would be to hang out with friends over coffee, tea and good eats! 

Photos by: The Alchemist Café

There unique menu options could be the topic of discussion. One of their Brunch items is a tator tot waffle topped with eggs and a pico de gallo avocado mix! If you are looking for a chill vibe and a place to connect over a tasty meal, I would definitely recommend the Alchemist Cafe as an option if you are in the Fort Lauderdale area. 

I hope I have persuaded you to visit some of these options and gain your own unique experiences at each! LOL , Happy coffee sipping!